Brushwood or broombush are both names used for the Melaleuca uncinata, a hardy Australian shrub which is used for its oil and its unique properties. Melaleuca uncinata is resilient against Australia’s harsh climate, giving it the longevity that is ideal for dividing fences.

    Our high density Brushwood panels are constructed using high powered machinery which at extreme pressures compress the Brushwood between high tensile wires. Compaction of the bruswood is a critical factor in ensuring the lifetime of the product and subsequently we are able to provide an evenly distributed panel with weights of up to 100 kilos.

    And is sourced from mature plants to provide a stronger longer lasting stems, necessary to manufacturer quality made panels. Our brushwood panels are only made from regenerative varieties, and is cut under licences to ensure the future and sustainability of the industry for future generations to come.

    Brushwood panels will give your home and garden an attractive soft natural look. Combined with its Insulation and sound absorption properties, and with its long lasting qualities, our panels will not only keep your garden looking stunning, but provide a quality of living for many years to come. Our Brushwood panels will not retain heat like many other boundary fences, enabling your young garden to get established and Blossom, whilst at the same time providing a comfortable outdoor living areas for all to enjoy.