Aluminium Slatted Gates and Fencing


    Features and benefits of Aluminium slat fencing

    • Our slat fences can be custom made in a range of slat sizes and spacing, giving you total control over the view out-of and in-through your fence. Slats can be thin with wide spaces for the front garden to allow a view out onto the path, while back garden slats can be wider or even full panel to allow more privacy
    • The slats can be installed either horizontal to suit the modern architectural look or vertical to reflect the appearance of a picket fence.
    • All our slat fencing is powder coated for durability, allowing a wide range of colours and styles to compliment the exterior of any home.
    • All of our slat fencing can be paired with custom gates to fully secure the perimeter of your home.
    • Installing slat fencing will add substantial value to your home or business.
    • Each local council has strict guidelines regarding the allowable gap between slats on fencing at the front of a property. Fencing Solutions  will adhere to these guidelines and can help you navigate through your legislative responsibilities for installing slat fencing at the front of your property.